The annual Rich Coast Project calendar is back for 2019!

Spend 2019 with beautiful images of the south Caribbean on your wall, and support a good cause while your at it!

The annual Rich Coast Project calendar shares images from our projects - whether historic photos we have helped local residents to digitize, images produced through one of our participatory media projects, or the work of one of the many artists and photographers who have participated in our work. It also helps us raise awareness of our cause (and raise a little money so we can keep going). The 2019 calendar proudly features the work of 7 amazing photographers we are lucky to call collaborators.

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The Rich Coast Project
Our (Digital) Humanity: Storytelling, Media Organizing and Social Justice Community Conference

Katie Beck, Erin Adamson and David Davila Gonzalez hosted a session called "Locals Speak! Participatory media and scholarship in a tourism zone" as part of the "Vidas Digitales" track, which describe the need for community-based participatory research and storytelling in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica. 

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Stories from Caribe Sur: Chapter 1

Stories from Caribe Sur is a project produced collaboratively by the Rich Coast Project, members of the communities of southern Caribbean Costa Rica, and students from The Media School at Indiana University. The first chapter Sur includes six podcasts that were co-produced by student volunteers from the Indiana University Media School, local story facilitators from Talamanca, and members of the Rich Coast Project staff.

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First Annual Afro-Botany Conference at Hidden Garden

From September 2nd to 4th, 2017,  Hidden Garden Ethnobotanical Sanctuary inaugurated its new Bush Medicine Circle with the First Annual Afro-Botany Conference. In a traditional style, they celebrated with a gathering of elders, teachers, students, plant lovers and community members, sharing wisdom as well as food, music, dance and ceremony.

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Trailer for Upcoming Participatory Youth Film

We worked with a group of 12 local kids from Puerto Viejo to develop a short fiction film about the connection between people and the environment in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica. A team of communications students from the University of Costa Rica offered workshops on storytelling, script development, casting and production. The kids then filmed this short film... COMING SOON

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