RCP Volunteers Help Construct an African Sacred Grove at the Hidden Garden

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, students from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University visited the Hidden Garden Wellness Center to help construct an African Sacred Grove. 

Students met with the founder, Rachel Thomas, and discussed the importance and meaning behind herbology in African culture.  Rachel explained the need of the Afro Caribbean and indigenous communities such as the Bribri to be able to appreciate and practice various ceremonies relating to medicinal herbs. 

Students helped design a garden area by shoveling dirt and placing rocks that will act as an area for ritual starting in September.  Rachel then showed the website she had designed for the Hidden Garden and asked for consultation from the students in a way that improved the design and user interactivity. 

Rachel also expressed a desire to attract younger generations and academics as being her target audiences to give them an opportunity to learn and discover.  The group discussed various approaches such as a simulation walk-through of the garden and scroll over pictures. 

The students say they are lucky to have contributed to such an important preservation of culture and wish Rachel and the Hidden Garden the best of luck for their opening this summer!