We're making a movie!

A team of kids from Puerto Viejo are making a short fiction film.

Ten local youth are in the process of making a movie with the help of Fer Segura and Dani Hernández, communications students who are rejoining the Rich Coast Project to complete their practicum at the University of Costa Rica.

Fer and Dani were part of the TCU group that worked with local youth in January to make a documentary, Nuestro Puerto Viejo Ayer y Hoy. Their new project: produce a short fiction film with local youth that explores the connection between the people of the south Caribbean and the nature and biodiversity all around. 

This participatory media project is being realized through three weeks of hands-on workshops hosted at Hotel Puerto Viejo, which are teaching participants about story and script development, casting, production roles, location scouting and filming. The participants were responsible for developing the story, and the main characters were cast through a two-day casting call of local youth between 8-12 years old.

Filming will take place the weekend of June 3-4 in Puerto Viejo. Post-production will occur in June and July, and the film will be premiered during Wolaba Parade (celebrating Costa Rica's Day of Afro-descendants) in late August, 2017.

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