The Rich Coast Project is a participatory effort to collect, preserve and share the ongoing history of the communities of southern Caribbean, Costa Rica. 

There are so many old folks with stories to tell. And young folks whose pride and selfhood can be nourished by them. And visitors whose appreciation can be shown in respect and sensitivity. Together, the old and the young, the heirs and the newcomers will determine the future of the Talamanca Coast. If we share an understanding of its history perhaps we will all be careful to protect its natural resources and to appreciate the rights and the dignity of its people.
— Palmer, Paula. "Author's Preface to the First Edition." What Happen: A Folk History of Costa Rica's Talamanca Coast, 1977.

OUR MISSION IS to foster cultural resilience, empower citizen engagement, and increase access to information FOR AND ABOUT THE COMMUNITIES OF SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN COSTA RICA.


We collaborate with local and international partners to coordinate projects that investigate and document the history, identity, and human rights of the Afro-descendant communities of southern Caribbean Costa Rica (Caribe Sur).  Our goal is to assist the community in growing a living archive and making information about their history and rights more easily accessible both within and outside the community.


The communities of Caribe Sur have experienced rapid change in just a few short decades, many aspects of their culture and identity threatened by the pressures of development and globalization, and inequality, crime and poverty increasing in tandem with land insecurity. We believe  residents of this natural paradise have the right to protect their history and lands for future generations.


The Rich Coast Project is a collaborative community effort involving both local residents and a team of international volunteers. We partner with civil society actors within Costa Rica to make our work accessible and responsive to local needs, and work with artists and academics from Costa Rica and beyond to contextualize the local experience and share their stories with the world.                         


The Rich Coast Project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of The Rich Coast Project are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.