Stories from Caribe Sur: Chapter 1

Stories from Caribe Sur is a project produced collaboratively by the Rich Coast Project, members of the communities of southern Caribbean Costa Rica, and students from The Media School at Indiana University. The project aims to elevate local voices and encourage area residents to actively engage in storytelling and participatory media.

The first chapter of Stories from Caribe Sur includes six podcasts that were co-produced by student volunteers from the Indiana University Media School, local story facilitators from Talamanca, and members of the Rich Coast Project staff.  The story facilitators were responsible for selecting topics relevant and important to the story of the South Caribbean, and the student volunteers helped to collect interviews and audio footage and edit the stories into podcasts. Stories were collected and edited by participants of the 2016 Alternative Thanksgiving Break program in Puerto Viejo.

The first two podcasts are available now on the Rich Coast Project website. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of the other podcasts' release.