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Stories from Caribe Sur: Chapter 2

Media School students conducted 15 interviews with 33 different local participants over 3 days. They were asked to select short clips from each of their interviews and pair it with visual material they gathered throughout the week. Their completed projects are a combination of short videos, photo slideshows, and photo clips that collectively comprise Chapter 2 of "Stories from Caribe Sur", an ongoing participatory oral history project that activates local citizens to be the creators of their own public archival content.

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    Stories from Caribe Sur: Chapter 1

    Stories from Caribe Sur is a project produced collaboratively by the Rich Coast Project, members of the communities of southern Caribbean Costa Rica, and students from The Media School at Indiana University. The first chapter Sur includes six podcasts that were co-produced by student volunteers from the Indiana University Media School, local story facilitators from Talamanca, and members of the Rich Coast Project staff.

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    Nuestra Talamanca Ayer y Hoy: Introducción e Indice

    Durante los años 1981 y 1982, los alumnos de décimo años del Colegio Técnico Profesional Agropecuario de Talamanca participaron en un proyecto especial, con el propósito de rescatar las historias, las costumbres y las raíces culturales del pueblo talamanqueño. Salieron del colegio con grabadoras, cámaras y cuestionarios, en busca de personas mayores que les pudieran contar las experiencias vividas. 

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