Friends of RCP

"Friends of RCP" are individuals who have generously donated $100 or more to ensure the continuation of the Rich Coast Project and our associated activities.

  • Luis Arias
  • Laura Beck
  • Sheryl Carberry
  • Edward Cevetelli
  • Caitlin Chan
  • Jennifer Clifford
  • Daniel Fein
  • Anne and David Gergen
  • Carolyn Goerner
  • Caitlin Johnston
  • Chris Kahn
  • Greg Kanaan
  • Kristyn Morrisey
  • Kate Nace Day
  • Debbie Raisner
  • Riot House Records LLC
  • Kathleen Sullivan
  • Ashley Thomas
  • Jillian Tuck
  • Max Weinman
  • Emily Yozell

Local Sponsors

Each year the printing of the South Caribe Roots Archive calendar is made possible by contributions of local business sponsors. Thank you for helping us bring the SCRA into the homes of local residents!

  • Arrecife Restaurant
  • Caribe Sur Real Estate
  • Caribeans
  • Cashew Hill
  • Casitas del Caribe
  • Casitas Punta Uva
  • Clarity Emerging Retreats
  • Diwo Restaurant
  • Dreadnut Cafe
  • El Ranchito Punta Uva
  • Eñe Spanish Teachers
  • Hot Rocks
  • Hotel Maritza
  • KEBS Real Estate
  • Koki Beach
  • Lazy Mon at Stanfords
  • Life & Culture Tours
  • OM at Cashew Hill
  • Puerto Pirata
  • Selvin's Restaurant
  • TuCamino Travel
  • Wahoo Fishing & Tours


Equipment / Software Sponsors

The following companies are supporting the Rich Coast Project by generously offering the free (or discounted) use of their products and services. If you want to support our work by making an equipment or software donation, contact us at