Volunteer Transcription Instructions

Thank you so much for volunteering with The Rich Coast Project!

We are working with local residents of the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to build a digital public archive that documents the history and identity of its people. To this end, we are collecting short interviews with many different people that collectively will comprise a valuable contribution to this growing archive and allow the community to play an active role in writing its own history.

Your help is crucial to our ability to process the interviews and information we are collecting from residents and share it back with the community in a timely manner. So, thank you again for your time and effort - we are glad to have you on the team!

Please follow these instructions, and let us know if you have any questions at caribearchive@gmail.com.

  1. Download the assigned mp3 file to your computer
  2. Log in to the online Transcribe Software

    1. URL: https://transcribe.wreally.com/

    2. Username: caribearchive@gmail.com

    3. Password: whathappen

  3. Prepare your workspace

    1. Click the “Transcribe” menu button

    2. If there is already text in the dialogue box, erase it.

    3. Upload the audio file you downloaded in step #1


    1. For some guidance to get you started, see the helpful tips provided by the folks at wreally Studios: https://transcribe.wreally.com/guide/

    2. Please insert time markers every :30 seconds.

    3. Keep in mind it’s much easier to transcribe with headphones on.

    4. Check out the software’s dictation function, which makes the process semi-automatic and can save lots of time!

    5. Go as slow as you need, and if you’re just not sure what someone is saying put the words (not audible) in bold in their place.

  5. Report your work

    1. Copy your completed transcription text into a word document and attach it to an email sent to caribearchive@gmail.com.

    2. Each time you complete a transcription, report your work to us by filling out this online form: Interview Transcription Feedback Form

If you have any questions or suggestions for us after you’ve finished, please let us know at therichcoastproject@gmail.com.