The South Caribe Roots Archive is a participatory community project that aims to document the history and identity of the people of the south Caribbean of Costa Rica. These videos are part of "Stories from Caribe Sur: Chapter 2", a collaborative media project produced by students from The Media School at Indiana University during an Alternative Service Break in March 2018.


Thank you to all the local participants who offered or conducted interviews for the South Caribe Roots Archive:

  • Ariel Rodriguez Rojas
  • Gilbert Brown Brown
  • James P. Mac Dougall
  • Kurt Eugene Van Dyke
  • Chris Lopez
  • Josefina Dioso-Lopez
  • Francesca Dioso-Lopez
  • Mikaela Dioso-Lopez
  • Joaquin Dioso-Lopez
  • Juan Manuel Reyes Nuñez
  • Erick Palmer Miller
  • Mar Solano Martínez
  • Anja Ludewig
  • Kiawe Kring
  • Wanda Carol Patterson Morales
  • Mayra Mejia Fernández
  • Tirza Morales
  • German Martinez
  • Glenda Halgarson Brown
  • Horold Binsen Binsen
  • David Alexander Allen Umaña
  • Leonardo Ceschini Lill
  • Paulo Cesar Quiros Morales
  • Luis Rodolfo Huertos Barboza
  • Juan Pablo González S.
  • Matías Llaituqueo
  • Loperfido Jose Maria
  • Rosario Lill A.
  • Shandel Jashua Brown Humpres
  • Eva Percich
  • Markus Brown Arce
  • Alord Vincent Vincent
  • Pedro Cordero Arguello


Thank you to the following IU Media School students for dedicating a week of your time to learning about the communities of the south Caribbean and helping them document their stories:

  • Rose Bythrow
  • Rachel Goodman
  • Isabella Gutierrez
  • Elaine Johnson
  • Martha Manges
  • Emilia Miles
  • Sarah Panfil
  • Hector Perez
  • Lydia Riley
  • Naphtalia Ruth
  • Moniel Sanders
  • Pascal Sloman

A very special thanks to Bryant Paul for accompanying these students, and to The Media School at Indiana University for supporting student field experiences, service learning, and participatory storytelling in under-served communities.

  • Read student blogs here.


Media School Students conducted 15 interviews with 33 different local participants over 3 days. They were asked to select short clips from each of their interviews and pair it with visual material they gathered throughout the week. Their completed projects are a combination of short videos, photo slideshows, and photo clips that collectively comprise Chapter 2 of "Stories from Caribe Sur", an ongoing participatory oral history project that activates local citizens to be the creators of their own public archival content.

  • View selected work product examples below or on the Rich Coast Project's YouTube channel.
  • View "Stories from Caribe Sur: Chapter 1" here.

Glenda Halgarson Brown: Roots Through the Coast

Mayra Mejia: Para Llegar a los Niños

Anja Ludewig: In My Heart That's My Home

Wanda Patterson: Where I Found My Way

Anja Ludewig: The Road

Kiawe Kring: See Them Growing

Wanda Patterson: I Need to Hear Reggae All The Time

Markus Brown: Memories of School

Kiawe Kring: Planting for the Local Market

Rosario Lill: El Turismo de Bien Estar

Pedro Cordero: Reconnect the Jungle

Shandel Brown: The Fish Them Dying

Kiawe Kring: Those Small Humble Farms Are Disappearing

Markus Brown: No Communication

Erick Palmer: What is Your Ancestry

Erick Palmer: What Was School Like

Eva Percich: Garbage

Juan Manuel Reyes Nunez: Una Vida Diferente