Seeking Sponsors for the 2017 SCRA Calendar

We are now seeking sponsors for the 2017 South Caribe Roots Archive Calendar! 

Last year we produced the first annual SCRA Calendar, which features historic photographs and information contributed by community members and collected by the Rich Coast Project. With the help of local sponsors, we were able to print 170 calendars - some of which we distributed to local families and Rich Coast Project collaborators, and some of which we sold in local stores.

This year we want to make sure the photographs reach as many community members as possible, which is why we've decided to GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE. 

Unfortunately, the calendars still cost money to print. This is why we are calling on local businesses and allies of the Caribe Sur community help us put this valuable community heritage back into the homes of residents by sponsoring this year's SCRA Calendar.

Each $50 sponsorship will make it possible for us to print and distribute 10 calendars. Sponsorships can be purchased online (link below) or by contacting Katie at 506-8486-0184 (phone or whatsapp).


*We must receive your sponsorship and logo before Sunday, November 13 to be included in the 2017 Calendar printing.

About the South Caribe Roots Archive

The South Caribe Roots Archive documents the people places and events in southern Caribbean, Costa Rica, through family photographs and stories. The goal of the SCRA is to create a digital portrait of the people of Caribe Sur, provide access to information about the area’s history and development, and build community knowledge and connections.