Indiana comes to Punta Uva

March 12-20 2016
Volunteers from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business joined the Rich Coast Project in Punta Uva for a week of community service and interview collection for the Rich Coast Project.

Thank you to all the collaborators and participants who made the week a success!

Ara Project
Arrecife Cabinas and Restaurant
Associacion de Pescadores Artesenales de Caribe Sur
Centro Ashé 
Kelley Institute for Social Impact
Ranchito Punta Uva
Selvin's Restaurant

Patrick Abrams
Dave Bennett
Sandra Bennett
Markus Brown
Kelly Brown
Simone Bryan
Omar Cook Campbell
Luba Cook Campbell
Julie Carlson
David Dávila González
Stash Golas
Veronica Gordon Crooks
Andres Hernandez & Family
Chris Khan
Delroy Lewis Fisher
Anja Ludewig
Molly Meehan Brown
Tirza Morales Sanchez
Paulo Quiros Morales
Susan Schick
Emily Yozell