Sharing and Comparing Across Borders: Stories of Wellness Traditions

March 9, 2016 -- Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limón, Costa Rica

Participants of the Hidden Garden's Traditional Latino Medicine Intensive were treated to a story sharing circle with representatives from Southern Caribbean, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru. The three presenters shared memories of traditional wellness practices they experienced as children, and those they carried onward into their adult life. Throughout the conversation each compared the similarities of certain traditions and applications of specific plants, as well as differences in beliefs and usages. 

The Rich Coast Project was present to document the event, and we hope to share excerpts from the audio recordings soon. 

Thank you to Rachel Thomas from the Hidden Garden for coordinating the event, and to Olga Lesmes Ramirez, Wilfred Cornwall and Carmen Carhuamaca for sharing your wisdom.