The “Reglamento Transitorio para la Regulacion de los Usos de Suelo y Permisos de Construccion dentro de la Zona Maritima Terrestre del Canton de Talamanca” was published in La Gaceta (No. 102, May 28 2015) and establishes a period of 6 months for the registration and regularization of occupancy in the ZMT.

Therefore the Municipal Registry in Bribri requires that you present the following documents BEFORE NOVEMBER 27th. After this date, the regulation states “properties which have not been declared will remain at the disposition of the municipality to be granted to other interested parties.”

Don’t let your use permit be given to someone else!

To comply with the requirements of the Municipal Registry, property administrators should present the following information BEFORE NOVEMBER 27:

1.    Application for land use permit addressed to the City Council

This is a written letter that should include:

  • The name and cédula of the citizen, resident, or corporation that currently has a use permit for the property
  • The current and future intended use of the property (residential, commercial or touristic)
  • A description of the property and its exact location
  • Contact information for notifications
  • Don’t forget to sign the letter!

2.    A photocopy of identity card or identity document.

In case of corporations, also include a copy of the the constitutive act, a certification of legal personhood (personaría juridica), and a certification of the distribution of social capital.

3.   Original or certified copy of the deed or of the right of occupancy copy.    

If this is not available, include a notarized affidavit stating the dates of occupancy, the manner of acquisition, signatures of all neighbors and copies of their IDs.

4.   Original or certified copy of the catastral plan of the land

*If one of these documents is missing from your filing, in the letter (1) you should explain why and your future intention for providing this information to the Municipal Registry.

Everyone with a use permit issued by the Municipal Council should present these documents along with a copy of a receipt showing your property taxes paid to date.

Don’t forget to get this process started before November 27 to avoid the risk of losing your use permit!

For more information:

La Gaceta (No. 102, May 28 2015)