ParticipatorY MEDIA

Participatory media is media where the audience can play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating content. We work with local residents, young and old, to offer training in multimedia storytelling and collaborative projects that generate public documentary content and elevate local voices and perspectives. 

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Nuestro Puerto Viejo Ayer y Hoy

Students from the University of Costa Rica (UCR TCU 127) joined the Rich Coast Project in Puerto Viejo for a week of participatory video and photography aimed at documenting local Puerto Viejo history and culture. UCR students partnered with local teens to train them in audiovisual storytelling techniques and together produced the short documentary, Nuestro Puerto Viejo Ayer y Hoy.

Learn more about the February 2017 project and watch the video Nuestro Puerto Viejo Ayer y Hoy.

Stories from Caribe Sur: Chapter ONE

Podcasts are digital audio stories made available to stream or download online. Our first series of podcasts were co-produced by student volunteers from the Indiana University Media School, local story facilitators from Talamanca, and members of the Rich Coast Project staff.  The story facilitators were responsible for selecting topics relevant and important to the story of the South Caribbean, and the student volunteers helped to collect interviews and audio footage and edit the stories into podcasts. 

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This is my home: Youth Photography workshop

To better understand what young people think about concepts of place and identity, we hosted a youth photography workshop and equipped five local youth with cameras to take a series of photos around the theme “This is my home.” A selection of their photographs was on display at ATEC in Puerto Viejo in March, 2014.