“Grape Point was given its name by José Hansell, an early immigrant from Bocas who planted the coconut walk there. When he arrived, says his daughter, Eudora ‘Sis’ Matthews, the point was bordered all around with sea grape trees and coco plums. The sea has encroached so much upon the land in the century between the naming of Grape Point and today, that not a single grape tree is to be found along those shores, except on the bluff called Red Cliff, where the Hansells first lived. All the rest have been covered by the sea.”
— "What Happen" by Paula Palmer, P.38 (2005 edition)
If the road go through it would be uplifting for the whole coast. If the road don’t put through, Manzanillo will remain just as you see it. I’m the oldest liver in Manzanillo. I come here 1903 when I was three years old, and I’m right here till now. And I’d like to see that road put through, take even a few trips out, up and down, before I gone.
— Samuel Hansell, What Happen (P.272, 2005 edition)